Amethyst Prayer Box Mala

Genuine 8mm Amethyst gemstones set with the highest quality Sleeping Beauty Turquoise & green onyx  with vermeil gold accent beads. Strung on pure avocado silk.

Featuring a one of a kind 24k gold plated over silver prayer box pendant that opens in the back with silk tassels.

Prayer boxes have been used for thousands of years to carry one’s prayerful thoughts or secret wishes, typically by writing down a prayer or wish on a small piece of paper and placing it into the box. It can also be used for sentimental values, for example, a spouse's lock of hair, a small photo of mom, the first lost tooth of your child, and other cherished items can be placed in the box and worn throughout the day as a remembrance of a loved one ♥

Turquoise is valuable for grounding and can help prevent one from losing touch with the conscious mind during meditations. It's excellent for healing and cleansing as well as providing protection.

Each of these malas are one of a kind and extremely special.

Length approx 36"

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