Chakra Necklace

24k gold-plated genuine gemstones set on gold-filled chain.

Chain length 18" adjustable to 20".

Chakras are the wheels of energy throughout our body, each symbolizing something different.

1st chakra is red (garnet), the root chakra, and it represents instinct, survival & security.

2nd chakra is orange (citrine), the abdomen chakra, represents emotion & creativity.

3rd chakra is yellow (lemon quartz), the solar plexus, representing power & freedom to be oneself.

4th chakra is green (green chalcedony), the heart chakra, representing love, balance & compassion.

5th chakra is blue (turquoise), the throat chakra, representing speech & self expression.

6th chakra is indigo (lapis), the third eye chakra, represents clarity & imagination.

7th chakra is violet (ruby), the crown chakra, representing spiritual connection, understanding & bliss.