Julie Hemsky - The Designer

Every piece of jewelry you own is representative of you: your varied styles, your many attitudes, your numerous interests and your unique tastes. Not only is it a means of expression, but every piece also represents a moment of time. Think of the jewelry you’re wearing and I bet you can recall where you were when you bought it, your state-of-mind at that point in your life, or, just as important, who gave it to you. It is now a treasured memory, paired perfectly with a few other memories and, maybe, that adorable bag you bought in Paris last summer to commemorate the trip. And, like you, every piece of jewelry I own, and each one I create, becomes a beloved memory. 

Each collection is an expression of my travels and my state-of-mind at that moment-in-time and I cherish the idea that as I continue to travel and evolve, so will JugarNspice.

I’ll never forget that moment, I was a young girl living with my Grandmother in Brasil, when I stumbled upon this massive book of gemstones in the guest bedroom. At the time I couldn’t recognize the significance of what I discovered, but if I had to choose a moment in time that truly defines why Jugar N Spice came to be, it would be that moment. I'm happy to admit that this thrill has never subsided and I followed it into a successful career as a diamond wholesaler when I was 19. I've been in the jewelry industry since and I couldn't imagine walking a different path in life. 

My experience as a diamond wholesaler, specializing in high-end custom pieces, provides me with the necessary industry contacts in order to bring luxury to the Jugar N Spice line at an affordable price.

I can’t thank you, my lovely customers, enough. Along with my travels, you inspire me to always be curious and not to fear investing myself in every piece i create.

I look forward to the joys and hardships each moment holds, because I simply wouldn’t be me without them. 

- Jugar